Mito S500 Watch Phone, Price and Specification

Mito S500 Watch Phone, Price and Specification - recently re-release of local vendors Mito new mobile phone model watches unique design and low price that Mito S500. This phone is used just like watches generally but has privileges can be used as a measure of time as well as mobile phones. Local Vendor Mito Mito S500 design for users who like the stylish and attractive. The price offered for this type of phone is very cheap only $ 40, a phone that can be used for just Mito S500 fashionable style.

Mito S500 mobile phone is different from other local, in terms of shape and only has a 1:44-inch screen size watches. Articles of this type could only use 1 Sim Card unlike other local phones. The theme used for the Mito S500 is a stylish fashion, so no need to bother for users to receive phone calls with the easy to accept because the phone is using a bluetooth headset without having to take the phone out of a pocket or purse.

Mito S500 uses Dualband GSM 900/1800 MHz, but only has one card slot. The screen is used Mito S500-inch TFT Touchscreen 1:44 73.2x47x16.2mm dimensions. For storage features this phone can only store up to 32MB of internal data and external microSD memory.

Price Mito S500 - for the price of the users do not have to worry because this phone only offers low price of Rp 425.000, -. This price is the standard price for a local phone in Indonesia. But the price may change depending on the area of ​​town where you live.

Mito S500 has the same menu as the menu mobile applications in general it's just a local phone privileges are used not grasped but dipergelangan hand, is unique in contrast to other cell phone models. Mito S500 also features a VGA camera embedded in the format MP3/MP4 Player. In connection system phone has Bluetooth earphones and are supported with the ability Stylus Lithium ion 400 mAh battery.

Mito S500 Specifications
Network: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz); Dimensions: 73.2x47x16.2mm; Display: 1.44 inches, TFT Touchscreen; Internal Memory: 32MB; External Memory: microSD Connectivity: Bluetooth, 5 Pin USB Earphone Other Features: VGA Camera , MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, Speaker, Free Bluetooth earphones and Stylus; Battery: Lithium ion 400 mAh; Color: Black, Red, White

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